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You are a student. A Ready-to-be-deployed resource, raring to contribute to the process of wealth creation.

Employers don’t know where to find you. You don’t know which door to knock at, where to place your CV. We were like you. Fed up. Disillusioned. Ready to give up.

Then we decided to turn adversity into an opportunity. To write our own success stories. And help you on the way. Welcome to CorpConnections. From Vacancy to Occupancy.

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Earn as you learn. Join the formal workforce, even as you continue with your studies. Gain experience, check out your passion, before taking the plunge, full time. For employers, this is an excellent opportunity to groom potential employees at a fraction of the cost, to shift the gains from the chaff.

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There is always a demand for the honest, hard-working, go-getter. People who can add vale to the entire productive chain. People who can enrich the command structure. We help bridge that gap between the demand and the supply, ensuring that both sides of the equation are properly matched, that there is a perfect fit.

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Skill sets make the difference. The difference between the winner and the also-ran. We help employees – potential and actual – to imbibe the skills that the changing times call for. We train, we empower, we refurbish the salience of people, helping them hone their focus so that they may themselves increase their utilities, add vale to what they have to offer.

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For Entities, the importance of hiring right cannot be overemphasised. For at the end of the day, you are only as good as your people are. We will help find the right people for you, by ensuring the best fit, so that you may flaunt the lowest attrition rates in your domain. And we will train them, help maintain the morale even as you march to keep tour tryst. Ever thought of outsourcing HR? Well, here we are.  

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Internship Whitepaper

This is something that is discussed about a lot in the college level so, does it make any difference by whether having it or not makes a difference in a student as a potential employee. Internship is great way of learning what we cannot do in a class room it is a way to learn how things should be done, internship is a key to building experience as a student or a recent graduate employers are much more likely to hire someone with an internship or work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience 
In today's labour market employers rely heavily on resumes that reflect a relevant work history, whether that is an internship, volunteer work or actual job. By internship one gets a first hand exposure of working in the real world.

It helps you to harness you skills and to practice what has been taught in the University.
Internship is also a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. This may stupid but internship dose make it happen and you get a better opportunity to learn about yourself. To know yourself is basically knowing your goals and how to achieve them it just takes given yourself a chance by trying something out of the box
For example a business marketing student who decides to do an internship related to his field of study.

This internship will give him a chance to explore that what a career in business marketing would be like.

Internship also helps in developing a personal network Internship allows one to establish deeper relationships than one normally would talking to a stranger one-on-one.
An internship provides something very important but neglected in today's world it's the experience of working sometimes graduates from college who directly jump into new job opportunities and that becomes a really difficult situation to face when one has never been experienced of working full time in an office, one may not get a very desirable environment or a very friendly boss at the office.

Another reason why students should do internship is for getting paid it is a great way of learning and getting some money out of that learning process not all internships are paid but there are opportunities to get a paid internship as well although that won't be a big amount that will be paid to one as an intern but it is something worth the work.
Internship is also a great way of acquiring new skills from the people already working in the same track.

Internship helps one in putting his best foot forward in his resume as cover letters and resumes pass through many hands a good internship will surely make a great difference in someone's career.

Placement Whitepaper

Placement is something that most of the parents and students look for while deciding the college to choose for and many students do not get a proper placement after they finish their college graduation we have made ourselves available to help those students who are in search of a correct placement opportunity we are here to place candidates who are ready and eligible and have a vision of the kind of work they want to do we insure that students or graduates who register on our website get 100% employment, the employment services can be a part time or a full time one depending on the wish of the student and the kind of work he/she wants to persuade for.

 By simply registering yourself on this platform you will get a large exposure to the companies that we are linked to and as a result we will be able to give them the placements in the best of the best companies and in every sector that they want to perform work. We can place them in various companies, as this will help them to start a great career as a fresher. We are willing to help students who want to get a job while being in the college on a part-time basis and if the student has any special skills we can help him/her find out the best job for that kind of skill and get well paid by using those skills. Our placement cell has a wide contact with various companies and we also have connections with companies that provide work from home place and according to the conveyance of the clients. Our placement services are in all sectors of a business and we also provide all type of convenience for clients like working form home or office (pay for the same work may differ among the two). 
We also have the part-time work facility for college students.

Training Whitepaper

There are students who are willing to get  different kinds of job but they may just lack the required skills and end up with working on something that they do not like at all. Our clients need not to get worried about all this problems as we have introduced a customised training program for all the clients who will be willing to work in various sectors. Be it a technical job or a financial or anything else if one wants to persuade himself into that career and is willing to learn the required skills for that job than we have amazingly designed training programs that will enable him/her to acquire that knowledge or skill we have the courses available with us and the best trainers that can help the client to learn what he need to know before doing a certain kind of job and it is insured that with this proper guidance and customised training program the client will be able to get the best out of what they have in themselves as a potential. Training is something that is not only included for clients who want to get job but also for clients who are doing any  kind of job in any company we know that in today's world things are changing rapidly and new skills are needed for everyday working, keeping this in mind we have designed a training program that will exclusively focus on improving the clients who are already working with these new skills and do there work with in a better way people can just take a few hours training program and get what they want to be added upon themselves as a skill for getting better in there work area. This training program is not going to be one like a hard and fast training type it is going to be according to the needs and work preference of the clients. We also provide online course for making clients learn the required set of skills and knowledge that is required for the kind of work they want to do and this training program will be including everything from technical to finance to anything that our clients need. This training program can also be used as a learning tool rather than just getting job, client may just register himself on the training program and do complete the training as a course and gain some knowledge out of the training. They may learn some great skills like communication, ethical hacking, website development, marketing, and many others will also be included in this vast program. 

We also have an offline training service with best trainers to make clients job ready in which ever field they want to make themselves and we are also going to include a specially designed soft skills training program for the people who have all the skills but face difficultly in an interview or lack speaking skills we are going to provide them the training that they need in order to make themselves presentable in any interview. We are also going to focus on a development project to assist our clients. Our training program will also have a development cell this is going to bring all the employees to the same level of knowledge and skills so that there is no weak links in the company those who rely heavily on others for completing their work.

This training and development will also keep employees on cutting edge of industry development.
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